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Should I Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

If you or a loved one were involved in a car accident and were the seriously injured victim, then you should defiantly consider a personal injury attorney. An attorney can represent the victim and get them compensated for any medical bills, loss of property, wages and for the suffering they have endured. Getting an attorney helps in 2 ways. One – you to not deal with the case personally, which means your attorney will file the case for you, handle the paper work and appear for you in front of a judge if need be. Filling out the paper work is a crucial step, which can lead to a mistrial if filled out incorrectly or not on time. Having an experienced personal injury attorney gives you a peace of mind. Two – Having an attorney will ensure you get the maximum amount of money for your car accident case. It is recommended for you to concentrate on getting back to a healthy physical and mental state, while your attorney handles your car accident case.

Why Should I hire the Law Office of Tyson Takeuchi as my Personal Injury Attorney?

The Law Offices of Tyson Takeuchi has over 25 years experience in auto accident cases and has gotten their clients millions of dollars in that time.

If you or a loved one had been involved an an auto accident, been physically hurt and you were not at fault for the accident, then you most likely eligible to receive compensation for damages, medical bills, lost wages and your suffering. You have the right under the sate of California’s law to be paid for being a victim of a car accident. The entire cost of your vehicle repair should be paid by the negligent party’s insurance. If the cost of repair is greater than the fair market value of the vehicle, then that amount would be paid. The fair market value will be based on the make, model and year of your vehicle. To get a pretty accurate value of your car’s value, you should go on the Kelley Blue book website and input your vehicle’s information. All medical expense, hospital visits, prescriptions, physical therapy sessions, scans and x-rays would also be paid for or reimbursed to you.   Depending on your injuries, you are also compensated for lost wages and for your endured pain. 

Medical Expenses

A personal injury attorney fights to get all your medical expenses paid for. This includes all related hospital visits and stays, surgeries , prescriptions and medical equipment rentals.

Lost Wages

If your injuries prohibited you from working, then you are entitled compensation for the wages you lost.

Lost earning Capacity

You may entitled to lost earning capacity earnings in a personal injury case, if your injuries prohibit you from doing your job due to the accident. You may be entitled compensation, if you are not able to work or are limited to the amount of work you are able to do. The amount will be based on the physician diagnosis on your condition.

Property damage

Any property damaged in a car accident would fall in this category. All property damage should be paid for by the guilty party. The amount is based on the fair market value
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When it comes to auto accidents, you deserve the best attorney. Auto accidents can be traumatic. Tyson will fight for you to get you the maximum compensation for your pain and sufferings. Tyson Takeuchi will make sure you get what you deserve.
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What is the Statute of Limitations for Filing a Personal Injury Claim?

In the State of California you should file a personal injury case within 180 days of the incident. We are saying six months as a quick answer, but certain instances it may be longer. This time period may vary depending on your specific auto accident. For instance you may file a property damage case within 2 years of the accident. However if your accident was caused by a Los Angeles public entity like a bus driver or parking enforcer, then it needs to be filed within the 180 day period.

With the world growing, streets and highways getting more crowded, there are more accidents occurring. Laws also change. We at The Law office of Tyson Takeuchi want to help take the emotional and financial burden of an accident off your shoulders. We want you to get better, while we fight for you. If we take on your case, there are no upfront fees and we will take our fee after the case has been settled. Our fee would be the agreed amount before we start.

Please call us for a free consultation; so that, we evaluate your case and provide you with the best solution. It I best to call us as close to the date of the accident as possible. If you are seriously hurt, we recommend for you to get your care and rest. Maybe have a family member call us. We will help you get the maximum amount for your injuries.

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